Crystal Remembrance Partners with DNA Memorial

Grandview, Ohio – Locally owned Crystal Remembrance LLC announced at the 2015 CANA/NFDA show that it has partnered with DNA Memorial. Crystal Remembrance will now accept physical DNA from DNA Memorial and incorporate it into the DNA helix design of the Crystal Remembrance. Crystal Remembrance has grown to cover most of the 50 states in the US and into Australia and the UK. The company opened a designer glass gallery in its Grandview studio, featuring acclaimed artists from central Ohio.

Jeff Harbeson, of DNA Memorial, also attended the trade show. “This is a match made in heaven. The same DNA material we offer families through funeral homes is now incorporated by Crystal Remembrance into a DNA-like helix work of art. Similar to DNA, the final product is completely unique and emotionally captivating. The beauty of the Crystal Memorial art combined with providing families the DNA of their deceased loved one creates a memento with impact for generations. Along with the piece, each purchase includes our DNA Home Banking which is the deceased genetic record for future use by the family for genealogical or medical research.”

“We are excited, and bracing for additional growth,” said James L. Kennedy, owner and CEO.

About DNA Memorial

DNA Memorial is a DNA services company that has developed a proprietary method of extracting DNA from a cheek swab or hair follicle and preserving it indefinitely (DNA banking) at room temperature. This is a biotechnological breakthrough. DNA is a human genetic record that provides medical and genealogical information for use in current and future generations. Cremation destroys the genetic record and disinterment is costly. Through funeral directors, DNA Memorial offers families the last chance to save the valuable genetic record of their lost loved ones.