Jewelry, keepsakes a tribute to deceased

1-grief-art-art-gt8n98ae-11-grief-art2-blv-03-jpgBy Sarah Pfledderer | The Columbus Dispatch

The old photos and cat toys weren’t enough to comfort Abby Fisher after Booter died three years ago.

So she found a way to keep her beloved feline close to her heart: She had a dash of Booter’s cremains set into a glass-blown pendant that she sometimes wears on a necklace.

“Immortalizing him — having that piece of him always with me — was very important,” said Fisher, 41, of the Clintonville neighborhood. “It’s the idea that I have him close to me, and he will never go away.”

Experts say that such tangible tributes to a loved one — whether pet or human — can greatly aid the grieving process.

“The physical presence is gone, yet the relationship continues as a memory that we can pass through the generations in our family,” said Myra Clark, a clinical manager in palliative care at Mount Carmel Hospice.

Commemorative art is one option.

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